Artistic Video Productions

There are three Music Video's included in all of the packages. Pre-Ceremony
Wedding Day Recap
Title: Pre-Ceremony Music Video - Included in all packages. . This was a very challenging Pre-Ceremony because we had to get the groom coming down the isle with his mom before the Bride came over in the rain.
Title: Post-Ceremony Music Video - Included in all packages.. Starts with the photo shoot in the church after the ceremony and includes any locations you goto before the reception. Some of the best shots of Bride and Groom occur at this time.
Title: Wedding Day Recap Music Video - Included in all packages. It is all of the best shots of the Bride and Groom and includes a recap of the vows.
Title: Filmstrip Opening - Included in all video packages.
Title: Cast of Characters Ending Credits - Optional music video. Instead of simply having the Movie style credits, this is a fun way to do the ending credits.
Title: Reservoir Dogs Music Video - Optional music video. This Music Video is all about the guys.
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