Title: Brad and Tiffany Wedding Video

This is the entire wedding, feel free to skip around or watch shorter videos below.
This is the Wedding Day Package, which is one videographer for the ceremony and reception.

Title: Filmstrip Opening

Included in all video packages.

Title: Wedding Day Highlight Music Video

Included in all video packages.  This is at the end of Wedding Day DVD. It is all of the
best shots of the Bride and Groom and includes a recap of the vows.

Title: Pre-Ceremony Music Video.

Coverage begins at the church and includes everything before the ceremony.

Title: Post-Ceremony Music Video.

The Post-Ceremony is the music video that covers everything after the ceremony. It starts with
the photo shoot in the church and includes any locations you go to before the reception.
Some of the best shots of Bride and Groom occur at this time.